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Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, about selling a home in the Peterborough area.

Do we have to have an open house?

Open houses are not necessary, but they do create great exposure for your home. Depending on the current market, we can make real-time recommendations on what to do in regards to open houses.

Am I required to put a for sale sign on my lawn?

It is not necessary for you to put a For Sale sign on your lawn, and we respect your privacy if you choose not to, however it is recommended to do so. Your sign will help attract attention and prompt buyers to inquire about more information on your home. Buyers typically have a general idea of where they want to move to, and if they are searching your specific neighbourhood and doing drive by’s to check out what’s listed in your area, you won’t want to miss any opportunities to attract the right people.

Do you provide staging services and how much does it cost?

We do provide staging services on our listings, and it is of no cost to you. Each listing is unique, and will require different items to complete the look of the home. Staging will help your property stand out from the rest!

Do you provide videos for your listings?

Our Team prides ourselves on providing high quality, professionally shot and edited videos on our listings. Depending on the property, we will incorporate agent narration and drone video. Certain listings don’t require video, but we will go through all of our marketing strategies with you to ensure you are confident in the way we showcase your home to its fullest!

How much does it cost to use a real estate agent to sell my home?

The typical cost of using a real estate agent to sell your home is 5% of the purchase price, plus HST, to be paid upon closing. This cost typically includes 2.5% to be paid to the cooperating agent representing the Buyer of your property. Reach out if you’d like a copy of our full marketing plan to see how we can help you sell your home.

What is the value of my property?

When determining a list price for your home, we will take into consideration the location of your property, the size, its condition, and the current market. We will complete a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and go through any comparable properties that are on the market and have recently sold so that we can best value your property for the current market conditions. Factors that make a property comparable to your home will vary, but location, construction age, recency of major renovations, and market dynamics at the time of sale are all taken into account.

Who pays for the pre-list home inspection?

If we have decided that it's the best course of action to get a home inspection before listing your home, don't worry, we cover the cost!

How do I get my home ready for a home inspection?

You want to make sure that your home is tidy, and that specific areas of the home that will be inspected have easy access and are free of clutter. Areas of interest are typically:

  • Attic hatch, if it's in a closet, you'll want to move any clothing that has the potential to impede access, and cover remaining nearby clothing so that falling debris doesn't dirty them.
  • Clear out under your sinks so that the inspector can look at the plumbing.
  • Clear space in your furnace and utility room so that there is easy access to the mechanicals.
  • Clear the perimeter of the home so the foundation can be inspected.
  • Clean out debris from your gutters.
  • Ensure your interior and exterior doors are latching properly to the frame.